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Cuyamaca Library: Mission & goals


Program Mission Statement: A clear and concise articulation of the program’s essential purpose.

Program Goals. Program goal statements define the Library mission. Goals are used to conceptualize broad learning goals for students in the program (e.g., develop a reflective stance toward the discipline, develop lifelong information literacy skills, etc.

Program Learning Outcomes: Articulates more specifically the knowledge, performance, values, and attitudes that the Library expects students to be able to demonstrate by the end of the program (e.g., develop information literacy skills such as identifying library sources that state positions in contemporary debates and controversies in specific field of study).

PLO Assessment Plan: A listing of the student work that will be used to assess achievement of learning outcomes. (These are coursework assignments intentionally designed by the faculty to provide direct evidence that an outcome has been achieved.)

                              The Reports

Annual Update reports about a program’s PLO assessment for a given year. Each report contains a concise description of the assessment activity, analysis of results, recommendations for program improvement based on the assessment, plans to implement improvement, and plans for the following year’s assessment.

Program Review report represents CC Library's commitment to excellence through a 4-year review cycle. Program review also provides an opportunity for the Library to reflect on its contribution to the College strategic plan. The results of program review guide Library planning, budgeting and decision-making.

Library Mission and Goals

MISSION: The Cuyamaca College Library supports student learning by offering a carefully selected collection of resources in a variety of information formats, including a books, periodicals, multimedia, as well as commercially produced electronic products. In addition, we are committed to ensuring students are capable consumers of information, especially as this pertains to their academic work. We provide a variety of study spaces within the library building. 

To achieve this mission, CC Library commits to these goals:

1. Information literacy program. Provide innovative library instruction to strengthen student information literacy skills. 

2. Online and embedded resources. Leverage technology to provide innovative library services for students on and off campus.

3  Collections. Develop, organize and provide easy access to information sources to support the academic curriculum and student success. 

4. Professional development: encourage library faculty and staff to stay current with Internet technologies pertinent to library services. 

5. Library services and spaces: Provide access services, technical services and a physical environment that enhances student learning and success.  

Library departments

Library Unit consists of the following departments:
 Access Services
o Circulation –borrowing library materials
o Reserves - materials designated for a course by the faculty or department
o Interlibrary loan - provide access to items not owned by this library
o Stack Management – shelving of library collections, inventory control and management

 Integrated Instruction
o Reference –research help face to face at desk, chat, or online
o Instruction –  face2face and embedded online research guides.
o Collections Management – selects, acquires, and manages resources in support of the curriculum.
o Liaison Librarians – collaborate with faculty to promote instruction, build relevant collections, embed resources into courses.