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Native American History: DVD and VHS in the Cuyamaca Library Collection

Research Guide for History 130 and History 131

DVD and VHS in the Cuyamaca Library Collection

Indians of North America - Click on the link for all the DVDs and VHS videos in the Cuyamaca Library that pertain to Native American History.

Specialized DVD series on Native American History signaled out below

America Through Native Eyes Series in the Cuyamaca Library

An American Experience film in association with Apograph Productions, Inc., Tecumseh LLC and Native American Public Telecommunications

Originally broadcast on PBS television in a five-part series beginning April 13, 2009.

California Indian Series in the Cuyamaca Library

Based on the best-selling book, California Indians : An Illustrated Guide. by George Emanuels.

San Diego County Indiana Storytellers Series inthe Cuyamaca Library

Produced by Stephanie Mood and John Dixon ; a Grossmont College production, 1998

500 Nations Series in the Cuyamaca Library

"500 Nations is an eight-part documentary that looks back at life in North America before the arrival of the Europeans, then follows the epic struggles of Indian Nations as the continent is reshaped by contact. The series opens with the tragic events at Wounded Knee in 1890, then travels back to the pre-Columbian continent. We then begin a great circle that returns us several hours later to the Great Plains at the end of the 19th century. 500 Nations tries to crystallize the sweeping events that reshaped North America - one of the largest and most pivotal stories in human history - a story we feel is widely unknown. Often painful, sometimes shocking, but in the end it is simply about understanding." -- from DVD booklet.

Accompanying CD-ROM to "500 Nations" DVD set is available for checkout at the circulation desk. Ask for +CD HIST 3.

[CD-ROM contents:] "More than 2,000 images and dozens of animated sequences, including fly-throughs of 3D computer-generated renderings of ancient cities and recreations of significant historic events. Hear the voices, music and untold stories. See the art and architecture. Meet the people who built these 500 nations. A colorful atlas and easy-to-use toolbar allows you access to events, people and places at the speed of thought." -- from DVD container.