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PHIL 110 - Jeffrey Moore: Introduction


This guide provides library resources for the assignment in Jeffrey Moore's Philosophy 110 - A General Introduction to Philosophy. Included in this guide is information on . . .

. . .  subject headings to use
. . .  print and electronic books
. . .  online journal articles
. . .  interlibrary loan
. . . online reference sources (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
. . . MLA format

Assignment for Jeffrey Moore's PHIL 110 Class

An 8-10 page paper will be due by the last week of the term. This paper will involve collaborative research and writing. Your group will select a topic from a list which I have provided. The goal of this is to stimulate your critical thinking about a key concept or problem in philosophy, e.g,

  • freedom of choice vs. determinism
  • what makes a decision right or wrong
  • does god exist
  • how do we know what we know
  • what is the self
  • immortality and the soul
  • is human nature good or evil
  • is monotheism superior to polytheism
  • is there an enduring self

Papers are to be written according to MLA style requirements (typed, double-spaced, with bibliography). Additional paper directions will be distributed. Also, the papers will be presented orally in class. Each member of the group will receive an individual grade on his or her contribution to the paper. A minimum of 8 sources must be used (e.g., books, journal articles). Time will be set aside in each class session to work on the project. Each group will present its paper to the whole class at the final meeting. Group members will be graded on their contribution to the paper and its presentation in class.