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American History: Media

Research Guide for History 108 and 109

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Streaming Video - INTELECOM

DVD and VHS in the Cuyamaca Library Collection

United States History Time Periods:


      U.S. History, 16th Century
      U.S. History, 17th Century
      U.S. History, 18th Century
      U.S. History, 19th Century
      U.S. History, 1865-1898
      U.S. History, 20th Century
      U.S. History, 1919-1933
      U.S. History, 1961-1969
      U.S. History, 21st Century

United States History Time Periods:

      Colonial Period
American Revolution
  War of 1812
  Civil War
  World War I
Great Depression
      New Deal
  World War II
  Cold War
Vietnam War
Iraq War
      Afghan War