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English 120- Marrujo

Devils Highway

Your assignment

The two focus prompt questions ask you to do two general things: 1) Interpret and analyze the book, and 2) connect your analysis to contemporary immigration discussions and issues. The reason these focus points aren’t more specific is because I would like you to explore your interests through this writing project. As you read and think about this book, pay attention to the themes and messages that jump out at you. Follow the connections your brain makes as you read


Sample Focus Points

RESPONSIBILITY and CULPABILITY: Based on your interpretation of the book, 
 Who or what is most responsible for the human tragedy in The Devil's Highway? 
 What should be done and by whom to prevent tragedies like the one described in the book from happening again?

BUSINESS and ECONOMICS: Based on your interpretation of the book,
 How do economics and global business interests influence the journeys of the migrants?

PSYCHOLOGY and HUMAN BEHAVIOR: Based on your interpretation of the book,
 What are the motivations driving the migrants on their journeys? 
 In what ways might the journeys of the migrants cause trauma?

THE POWER OF ART and WRITING: Based on your interpretation of the book,
 In what ways is The Devil’s Highway shaping how any of the groups discussed in the book are understood by larger society?
 What to the book’s specific artistic qualities (such as point of view, story structure, writing style) contribute to the topic of immigration?

 What are the legal and/or larger social conditions issues that are shaping the migrants’ journeys? 
 How is oppression and marginalization occurring in the book and how is it shaping the migrants’ journeys?