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English 120- Wolfe

Your assignment Devil's Highway


How do economics and global business interests influence the journeys of the migrants?


Analyze the book from an historical perspective.

How have labor and political histories influenced the journeys of the migrants? How did U.S. policy and interventions from the 1940s into the Cold War set the stage for the economic migration?

Behavioral and Social Sciences:

Analyze the book from a psychological perspective. What are the motivations driving the migrants on their journeys? OR In what ways might the migrants’ journeys cause trauma?

Health Science or Health Care:

Analyze the book from a medical perspective. What are the medical issues the migrants face and how can those be best addressed?

Visual and Performing Arts:

Analyze the book from an artistic perspective. In what ways is art influencing the migrants’ journeys? In what way could the arts shape how any of the groups discussed in the book are understood by larger society?


Analyze the book from a biological or physical sciences perspective. In what ways do biology and the physical world influence the journeys of the migrants?

Language and Communications:

Analyze the book from a linguistic perspective. How does the author use language to convey his information? How does language and communication shape the experiences of the migrants?

Environmental and Applied Technology:

Analyze the book from a technology perspective. In what ways are the migrants’ journeys influenced by technology (physical and digital). In what ways could technology be used to better support human rights or enforcement efforts at the border?

Pre Law or Para-legal:

Analyze the book from a legal perspective. What are the legal issues that are shaping the migrants’ journeys?

Social Work or Social Justice:

Analyze the book from a social justice perspective. How is oppression and marginalization occurring in the book and shaping the migrants’ journeys? What are the larger social conditions that are shaping the journeys?