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English 120- Kuhn

Your assignment

Students are to choose a stereotype, research the stereotype's origin and history, and then challenge the stereotype

This paper will seek to confront and challenge the idea of single story. Your task will be to think of a single story that has perpetrated your life (the single story of Iraqi refugees, or that of Mexican immigrants, or that of teenage mothers, or African American males, or community college students, or any other). While a single story of any of these exists, we know that there is more to it than that. Like Adichie warns, these single stories have been told over and over again, but it is now time for us to break them apart, to look closely at what is being missed, to learn (like Adichie did) the complexities within the story. To do so, you will trace the single story’s origins and its spread into the mainstream with the purpose of showing your readers what the mainstream leaves out, what more is there to know, what else is true