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English 120-Stafford

Cuyamaca Onesearch to find articles, books,etc

Your assignment

Researched Argument Paper 
Topic: pick a topic covered in one or more of our readings, and try to make a fairly small argument about it (because you don’t have space for a long one). If you would prefer a different topic, please ask and I will probably approve it. 

The three topics which you shouldn’t do are abortion, gun control & theism.  I don’t exclude these because I don’t think they are important—they are important. However, my experience tells me that even people who write arguments which support my positions on these topics will use bad arguments that will frustrate me, so we’ll all be happier if we avoid that. 

Research: Similarly to what we did in the last paper, you’ll take essays (4 essays this time) on the same topic, and synthesize a claim based on them. You may use readings we’ve done already or ones assigned for later in the semester. You will probably have to go to the library website, however, and find 2-3 more essays so that you have enough of them to write the paper.