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English 124- superheroes

Cuyamaca Onesearch

Suggested search terms to use in Cuyamaca Onesearch

  • Superhero* (use * to find superhero, superheroes)
  • Superhero* pop* culture  (use * for popular or pop)
  • Name of superhero (Black Panther, Batman, Wonderwomen)
  • Superhero* social aspects
  • Superhero* and children
  • Superhero* american values
  • Superhero* violence
  • Superhero* social aspects
  • Superhero* and women


Suggested articles about superheros that reflect mythic needs of society

Try this article on evolution of superheroes.Superheroes as the new mythology. Superheroes were born in the United States in the late 1930s as a four-colour rebuttal to the misery of the Depression and the rise of fascism in Europe. Today, superheroes are no longer confined to America, or even the comic book page. From Marvel movies to convention cosplay, superheroes have never enjoyed greater visibility