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English 124- superheroes

Unit 2: Heroes in our community - Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King Jr. - Biography -

Unit 2: Heroes in our community - Cesar Chavez

xCesar Chavez Memorial Walkway | Visit San Jose

Unit 2: Heroes in our community - Dolores Huerta

xDolores Huerta - California Museum

Search words that work

Primarily focused on the 60's, but I would also like to include material for present day.  The present day things won't be focused on specific leaders, but issues that our society is facing today and how art (visual and musical) is a way to move people to action.


  • Activism AND art
  • Activism AND photography
  • Activism AND hip hop
  • Activism AND music
  • Activism AND film
  • Activism AND literature
  • Social movements AND art
  • Art AND politics