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Paralegal: Westlaw

library resources

San Diego Public Law Library

The San Diego Public Law Library offers free classes on online searching (mostly Lexis, not Westlaw) and clinics on various legal topcs. 

LIBRARIANS ONLY: Procedures for using Westlaw

Rules for Using Westlaw:

1. Have to be enrolled in a paralegal course. Please ask which course. If don’t say “PARA 130”, then we send them downstairs to circ to fill out the check-out form
2. If enrolled on Paralegal 130, they should have their own Westlaw login/password. They will know to go to
3. If enrolled in any other paralegal course, send them to Circulation Desk to complete the check-out form. 
4. Librarian records login and logout times on the form. One hour limit
5. After librarian logs out, send student back to circ staff with form.
6. Circ staff scans barcode on clipboard – so it is like checking out a reserve book