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Paralegal: 6. Calif. caselaw, codes & CCR

library resources

California case law

• West's California Reporter (Law KFC 47 C31) 
Contains court decision issued by the Calif. Supreme Court, district Appeals and Appellate Courts. Current subscription

• West's California Digest 2nd (Law KFC 47 C282) Covers 1951 to 2005. Serves as an index to decisions of the California Supreme Court, District Courts of Appeal, and the Appellate Departments of Superior Courts. Includes a descriptive word index and table of cases.  Current subscription

• California Blue and White Book (Law KFC 47 C32) Provides parallel citations between the California Reporter series and the State Reports series.  Current subscription


Free on the Internet
• California Supreme and Appellate Court Cases (Findlaw)
(Findlaw) Includes Supreme Court and Appellate Court opinions from 1934 to the present. Searchable by citation, party name, fulltext, docket number, judge and attorney. One can also find cases that cite another case. (Requires free registration.)
• Opinions 

(Judicial Counsel of California) Contains official opinions from the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal from 1850 to the present and unofficial slip opinions in chronological order from 2000 to the present. For official opinions search by keyword or citation. 
• Google Scholar 

Contains the legal opinions of federal and state supreme, appellate and district courts, including California. "Cited By" links list subsequent opinions and other legal resources that have cited an opinion. 

California codes

• West's Annotated California Codes (KFC 30.5 W4 )
Contains the text of all 29 codes. Annotations associated with code sections may include historical and statutory notes on legislative history, citations to law review articles, court decisions that have interpreted the section, cross references to related sections, and citations to legal treatises and commentaries. West's Annotated Codes Research Guide updates annotations with newer citations to legal treatises and commentaries. Current subscription


• West's Annotated California Codes (KFC 30.5 W4 ) Includes annually updated subject index. Current subscription

• Larmac Consolidated Index to the Constitution and Laws of California (ref KFC 40 L3) annual index. Current

• California Law (Legislative Counsel of California) Contains all 29 codes which may be browsed by table of contents or searched by keyword.

California Code of Regulations (CCRs)

‚ÄčThe Office of Administration Law  publishes three primary publications for California:
1)  California Code of Regulations, CCR online only.No print version available
2)  California Code of Regulations supplement 
3)  California Regulatory Notice Register  CCR online only. No print version available,

Regulations are different from statutes. Regulations are enacted by administrative  agencies while statutes are enacted by the legislature. California code of regulations (CCR) is a list of administrative regulations adopted by California state agencies; subdivided into 28 titles). The California Code of Regulations is free on the internet. Search by keyword, exact citation, or browse by Table of Contents. Excludes Title 24.