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English 120 - Jabour

The Purpose of this LibGuide

The purpose of this LibGuide is to help you:

1) Find and use the database Opposing Viewpoints to help complete your assignment.

2) Find a topic, find sources and evaluate them that will help you write your paper.

3) Find the MLA citation and email options.

English 120 - Jabour - Assignment

Thus far in our course, we have explored the tension between individual agency (our free will, personal decisions, etc.) and structural forces (the power of our environments and the systems in which we operate).
This research essay process allows you to select a specific topic and corresponding question within the course theme. You will conduct research on that topic, and synthesize that research with your own informed position (through creating topic proposal, annotated bibliography, and rough draft). Ultimately, you will develop an academic, argumentative essay in response to the prompt you select.
This assignment offers you not only an opportunity to learn more about a pressing topic in American society and culture, but also hone your academic research, critical thinking and writing skills.
PROMPT Select a research topic and corresponding question from the Research Essay Topics list (attached to this prompt below, and available in Module Week 3).
STEPS 1. Select a topic and corresponding research question.
2. Use the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database, available through Cuyamaca’s online library system to conduct your research. § Note: You are required to use the Opposing Viewpoints database; do not just Google your topic.
Final research paper must be 5-7 pages long.
Final research paper must present evidence and analysis from at least three sources from the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.