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English 120 - Jabour

Suggested Topics & Keywords

Juvenile Offenders
Are juveniles fully responsible for criminal behavior?
Should juveniles be tried as adults?

Affirmative Action
To what extent does success in employment and/or education depend on an individual’s merit, or on the circumstances, environment, or structures that shape the individual’s life?
Should employers and colleges take proactive steps to increase diversity and “even the playing field” for applicants who have faced significant disadvantages?

To what extent is obesity caused by an individual’s choices (or lack of willpower), or by larger environmental or genetic factors?
Should the government take steps to limit people’s access to unhealthy food, such as taxing sugary sodas or removing junk food from schools?

Media Violence
Does violent media (like films or video games) cause violence in children, adolescents or teens?
Does the media’s coverage of violence create more violence?

Are poor people responsible for their poverty?
What effect do government programs (such as welfare, food stamps, etc.) have on poverty and people who are lower-income?

Mental Health
Should people with severe mental illness be forcibly medicated and/or institutionalized?
Is involuntary treatment for people with mental disorders ethical?