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Embedded Librarian in Counseling 120 and 150

What does the "ready-to-go" module for Counseling 120 look like in Canvas?

To all students:

For this Discussion, I would like you to explore a library resource to prepare for your final Career Research paper and to learn how to do library research for your future college and career success. The more library research you do, the more you will uncover new ideas and new career paths.

Complete the library activity. Post the answers (just the answers, not entire document) to the discussion board.

Library Activity:  Find career information using the Occupational Outlook Handbook website [Preview the document] . Why? This website has AWESOME  information you need for your career paper.

Super important: Post the library activity answers (just the answers, not entire document) to the discussion board.
The following is an example of a completed assignment.  Assignment Example.docx [Preview the document]

Please respond to at least two other students or the librarian for full credit in this Discussion. Please ask Librarian if you need help with this Discussion or anything about library research you may need for your final assignment in this class. Jeremy will be the first person to post to this Discussion so you can have his contact. 

What does faculty include in announcement section?

Dear Students,

Welcome to Week Five in Counseling 120 Online! We are truly at the halfway mark in class and things move very quickly in the next few weeks. If you did not get your educational plan submitted last week, don't worry. It is not too late to submit it and I won't mark you down for late work. The purpose of the assignment is for you to continue along with your goals toward your college and career success!

This week, we have a very special guest librarian in the Discussion. Jeremy will be posting an introduction soon. Please read the instructions very carefully and ask Jeremy questions if you are unsure how to do the Discussion Assignment. This assignment is to help you learn more about using our library system for library research. I also expect you to use one of the sources you discover at the library as one of your sources for your final career research paper. Library research is very important for your college and career success, not just in this class, but in all your classes. You will be required to do research in your studies and therefore it is very important for you to understand how to conduct formal research. The library system is a wonderful FREE resource to you as a student. Please take advantage of this great way for your to gather information. 

Have a great week!