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Embedded Librarian in Counseling 120 and 150

Why do I need to include library research into my Counseling 120 class?

Many students are familiar with the Internet, Google, and Wikipedia.  These are likely the first places they go to find information.  While there is a lot of good information that can be found on the Internet, there is also a lot of “junk” out there as well.   For Counseling 120, we librarains have found the best source for finding basic career information in general are available in two websites: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Bureau of Labor Statistics  Students need to learn how to navigate this website and learn to list it in a MLA works-cited page. 


What do I (faculty) have to do?

1. Faculty both online and face2face will have to upload this module to Canvas.

2. For online classes, please invite librarian into Canvas and select "add a user" link.

3. For face2face, schedule a library instruction session with