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Embedded Librarian in Counseling 120 and 150

What do I have to write for the SLO assessment?

Have no fear!  The SLO assessment report does not have to show perfect success. There is always room for improvement
Here is an example of reporting:

Embedded Librarian Pilot Project: Dec 1, 2017
Course: Counseling 120- Fall 2017, online section

Purpose: to determine the effectiveness of embedding an information literacy module into Counseling 120 course.
Criteria for success: 75% of students will complete module 5 Library assignment and post answers to the discussion board.
Results: 76.6% completed Module 5.
Action plan for improvement: Criteria was met. However students who did not complete Module 5 library assignment opted to select their own websites and did not insert MLA citation. In next session, the Faculty and Embedded Librarian will have to reinforce the use of library sources in order for students to get full points for assignments. 

What do I (faculty) have to do?

Summarize the finding. You could track if they are writing the MLA citation correctly, following directions, etc.  We are alos looking for ways to imprive this module.