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Paralegal Collection

California Law books in print.

Library maintains a PARALEGAL COLLECTION updated by supplements and pocket parts. This is a teaching collection so it is not comprehensive and these items do not circulate.  You can look up the titles below in the Library Catalog for detailed holdings


  • California Jurisprudence (CalJur) Encyclopedia(Law KFC 80 C34) Current subscription.


  • Wests Calif. Codes Annotated  (Law KFC 30.5 .W4)  Current subscription
  • Wests Advanced legislative service. (Law KFC 30.5 .W4)  Current subscription.


  • California Reporters 1,2,3 (Law KFC47 .C32) instruction only.


  • West's California Digest, 2d series (Law KFC 57 W47) instruction only



  • Black's Law Dictionary. (Law KF 156 B53 2014) stacks
  • Oxford Dictionary of Law. (law KD 313 C66 2015) stacks 

LEGAL REFERENCE (treatises, texts, manuals and forms), examples are:

  • The Bluebook: a uniform system of citation (Law 347.30847 B658 ) Current subscription.
  • Larmac 2016 (Law KFC 40 L3) Instruction only.
  • Bloombergs California Employment Laws 2015. Desktop edition (Law KFC 556 A3 C35). Lawshelf only
  • Bloombergs Education Code Laws 2015. Desktop edition (KFC 648 A3 C35) Lawshelf only
  • Bloombergs Family Code Laws 2015. Desktop edition (Law KFC 115 A 337 B 58) Lawshelf only. 


  • California Civil Procedure Before Trial, 4th ed.
    CEB print. Pretrial procedure and pleading ( Law KFC 995 .C34).  Instruction only.
  • California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial, 3d ed.
    CEB print. Trial practice and evidence (Law KFC 1025 .C33 ).
  • California client communications manual : sample letters and form
    CEB print. (Law ​KFC 77 C355) Lawshelf only Instruction only.
  • California estate planning 
    CEB print. (Law KFC 195 C35) Lawshelf only Instruction only.


More Law books in print - instructional use only - not current



  • United States Code Annotated (USCA) (Law KF 62 W45 T35 Vol 1-50 Instruction only.


  • Federal Practice Digest 4th series (Law 127 W48 vol 1-105) Instruction only.


  • Corpus Juris Secundum;  (Law KF 145 C56 Vol 53-101) Instruction only.


  • ALR 2d. (Law KF 132 A523 vol 96-100 Instruction only.
  • ALR 4th. (Law KF 132 A54) Instruction only.
  • ALR index to annotations (Law KF 132.2) Instruction only.


  • Supreme Court Reporter (Law KF 101 A 43) vol 1-114 Instruction only.
  • Federal Reporter 2d (Law KF 105 F422) vol 1-999 Instruction only.
  • Federal Reporter 3d (Law KF 105 F43) vol 1-527 Instruction only.
  • Federal Supplement 2d. (Law KF 120 F42) vol 1-493 Instruction only.
  • Pacific Reporters 2d. (Law KF 135 P2 P33) vol 37-399 Instruction only.


  • Shepards California Citations (Law KFC 59 S433) Instruction only.