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Paralegal Collection

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California Jurisprudence (CalJur) Encyclopedia. (Law KFC 80 C34) Current subscription

California's legal encyclopedia is called California Jurisprudence, 3d (abbreviated "Cal Jur 3d"), and it's published by the West Group.  Cal Jur 3d has a subject index, a table of cases, and a table of statutes. 

How do I use California Jurisprudence 3d?

  • First, brainstorm some useful search terms for your topic. For example, if you know that you need to find cases and statutes about the creation of easements in California, you probably want to start your search with the term "easement."  
  • Find the subject index (called the "General Index") and look for your topic. The General Index is a multi-volume paperback set, which you can find at the end of Cal Jur 3d's bound volumes. 

Enclyclopedias in print at Cuyamaca College Library

  • Summary of California Law (Witkin)  Instruction only.
    16 volume treatise that represents a summary statement of California law. Includes references to statutory and case law, law reviews, and other secondary sources.
    Law KFC 80 W5 lawshelf
  • Corpus Juris Secundum (Law KF 154 C6) instructional use only
    CC Library has CJS volumes that explain legal principles and doctrine that apply throughout the United States. The source and focus is almost exclusively on case law. Statutes and regulations and historical interpretations are seldom included. Published in over 150 volumes and includes over 450 individual articles. Includes separate indexes for all cited cases, rules and regulations 
    Law KF 154 C6 
    KF 145 C56 (volumes 1-101a.) 
    Law KF 145 C56 ( general indexes A-Z)