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Embedded Librarian in Counseling 120 and 150

What is the Guided Pathways Embedded Librarian Project?

Purpose: This project will provide Counseling 120 and 110 courses with a “ready-to-go” Embedded Librarian Module that will improve students career research skills and facilitate course SLO assessment. These "ready-to-go" Modules can be embedded in online counseling courses or used in any face2face course. These "ready-to-go" modules include an assignment(s) and a common rubric.

What are embedded Librarians?

Embedded librarians are integrated information experts that offer more direct research assistance to your students. Librarians  can embed in face-to-face classes and in online courses and hybrid classes.

Current Counseling SLOs:
1. Identify career goals and majors that match their personalities, interests and values. (Counseling 120)
2. Demonstrate skils to create a resume and cover letter (Counseling 110)

Embedded Librarian Module objectives:
1. Student will analyze and describe the career, job outlook, responsibilities and degree of alignment to their chosen career paths.
2. Student will build skills in using library research databases or library-selected websites.
3. Student demonstrate ability to use proper research citation tools (i.e. MLA).

Question: Which course(s), program(s), or service area(s) are included in the project?
Counseling 120 and 110.
Embedded Librarian Planning Group (Cindy Morrin, Jeremy Williams, Jeri Edelen) will meet to create “ready-to-go” Embedded Librarian
Module. The Planning Group will also will recruit counselors (six) from Counseling 120 or 110 who are willing to participate in this
endeavor.Students will be completing a library assignment to demonstrate their ability to find career profile, responsibilities, job outlook, expected
wages, and educational preparation requirements. For online counseling courses, the Librarian will embedded to lead an online
discussion and student will complete an assignment. For face2face counseling courses, Librarian will conduct an in-person library
instruction session and students will complete library assignment.The expectation for volunteer counselors is that they add the Embedded Librarian Module to their Canvas course, review students responses to library assignment and use the common rubric to grade the assignment

Question on innovation: How will the project advance a continuous cycle of improvement for the program/service area or

Counseling faculty will have one universal SLO assessment tool. Results can also be compared during department meetings. Student learning outcomes are linked to employer-derived expectations