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Cuyamaca Library: Mission & Program Review

Library Mission

MISSION: Our mission is to assist students in developing the information literacy skills they need in order to complete their academic goals. The Cuyamaca College Library supports student learning by offering a strong library instruction program and a carefully selected collection of resources in a variety of information formats. We support the College Vision and Strategic 2016-2022: acceleration, guided student pathways, student validation & engagement, and organizational health.

Program Review Goals 2018-2022

To achieve this mission, CC Library commits to seven goals that are listed in our Program Review. 
Program Review report represents CC Library's commitment to excellence through a 4-year review cycle. Program review also provides an opportunity for the Library to reflect on its contribution to the College strategic plan. The results of program review guide Library planning, budgeting and decision-making.

 Goal 1. Integrate information literacy instruction and resources into acceleration programs and guided pathways initiatives.

Goal 2: Investigate and evaluate new emerging library technologies for effective discovery of information.

Goal 3: Integrate library collections into academic programs and guided pathways initiatives.

Goal 4: Improve library spaces that allow students to study and research.