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Cuyamaca Library: Mission & Program Review

What is a Guided Pathways Librarian?

Guided Pathways Librarians offer targeted services for specific courses.The library has increased the number of electronic resources that can be accessed remotely. But having the resources is not enough. Many students have difficulties and need help, not only accessing resources remotely, but knowing what resources and services are available to them.

A guided pathways librarian will work with you to design relevant instructional support for your course assignments.Guided Pathways 

How do I add guided pathways librarian to my course?

That depends on what kind of presence you want to have. 

Librarian "one-shot" in-class presence - Librarian work with faculty to create a library instruction session and student worksheets. This is labor-intensive approach because librarians tailor their presentations and worksheets to fit your course assingments. Librarian time commitments for this presence can range from a medium time commitment (ie. screenshot handouts) to a high time commitment (ie, required library graded assignments) Schedule a session. 

Embedded Library Research Guides - Hand-picked resources from the library organized by course assignment or by program.  Time commitment for faculty is minimal. See examples

Guest Librarian  online presence - Sometimes you just want your students to find 1-2 sources. In this case, you can use the Guest Librarian for just that one assignment. The librarian comes in as a "guest lecturer" in discussion forum on Canvas. Librarians work with faculty to create a library assignment designed specifically around the students’ research assignment.  Contact Jeri Edelen@