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Ask A Librarian: 24/7 chat

Ask a Librarian 24/7 chat

TUTORIALS: use Cuyamaca OneSearch

Tutorials on how to use Cuyamaca OneSearch

What is Ask-a-Librarian 24/7 chat?

This service is available 24/7

  • What is this service? It is an online instant message system that allows you to talk with a librarian. They can provide help on research or other questions you may have.
  • Who is answering my question? You may get assistance from a librarian from Cuyamaca College or a librarian at a different school. The librarian from a different school can still help you with your question. 
  • Why do I need to enter my name and email? Entering your name and email will allow a librarian from Cuyamaca to follow up to any session to provide addition information.
  • How do I keep the information the librarian gave me? A complete transcript of the chat session can be emailed to you at your request. You will need to select that option at the end of your chat session with the librarian.
  • Who will the emails come from? The chat transcripts and follow up emails will come from Cuyamaca College Library <>.