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About Administration Law

Administrative law encompasses rules, regulations, and administrative decisions from the executive, executive agencies, and independent regulatory agencies. In California, the term administrative law (also known as regulatory law) refers to the body of law created by the California executive and administrative agencies. The California Administrative Procedure Act (Cal. Gov’t. Code § 11340 et seq.) outlines the powers and boundaries of the administrative functions, as well as setting up an Office of Administrative Law to oversee the “orderly review of adopted regulations.” The basic working tool of regulatory law is the California Code of Regulations(CCR). 

People often deal with administrative agencies and administrative law when they apply for government benefits. For example, Congress has passed laws that allow disabled individuals to receive government assistance. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the administrative agency created to implement Congress's social security and disability laws

ENCYCLOPEDIAS in print @ CC Library

Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.).
Print version (Law KF145 C56 vol 53-101a)  instruction only.
C.J.S. is a legal encyclopedia covering state and federal legal topics, and has been cited over 90,000 times by all levels of U.S. Courts.  

American Jurisprudence (AmJur)
CC Library 
does not have American Jurisprudence (AmJur).


American Law Reports provides researchers with in-depth analysis of unique, controversial, or unsettled areas of the law. 
Cuyamaca Library has an out-dated set of American Law Reports 4th (A.L.R.) 
Print Version. (Law KF132 a54 Vol 1-90). instruction only

Administration law books

Use the CC Library Catalog. to find books in print, e-books and articles.

  • California Administrative Hearing Practice, 2d ed. by Ruth S. Astle, et al. - CEB.
    (Law KFC 780 .C36)  Lawshelf only  Current updates for 2016.
  • California Administrative Mandamus, 3d ed. by Mitchell E. Abbott, et al. - CEB.
    (Law KFC 782 .C35) Lawshelf only. Current updates for 2016.
  • Administrative Law by Daniel Hall. Pub info: Lawyers Coop Pub 1994
    (LawKF 5402 H35) Lawshelf and stacks
  • Administrative law and procedure by Elizabeth Richardson
    Pub info: Delmar pub.1996 (law KF5402 R53) lawshelf only

California Code of Regulations (CCR) website

The Office of Administration Law  publishes three primary publications for California:
1)  California Code of Regulations,
2)  California Code of Regulations supplement and the
3)  California Regulatory Notice Register 

The CCR contains regulations duly adopted pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) by California state agencies. Generally speaking, after OAL approves a proposed regulation adopted by a state agency, it then files the regulation with the Secretary of State.  The CCR is updated weekly through the publication of the CCR Supplement (Register). The CCR Supplement (Register) is commonly and historically referred to as the “Register.”

More websites

Washburn University School of Law website has a comprehensive list of California agencies, boards and more.