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Cuyamaca Library: Mission & Program Review

Annual Updates

We will be submitting our Annual Update in S2020

We will be submitting our Annual Update 2017-2018 on Spring 2019

Our greatest challenge for FY 2017-2018 is the library disaster of May 2017- . We have lost access to the physical library and we do not have access to the print collection. We  began to have access to the print collection beginning January 2018 via a paging system, however students did not have direct access to the collection or will they have access to group study rooms or quiet study areas in the physical library. We were forced to relocate our services to different buildings on campus. For example, the library faculty will continue to offer reference assistance in E-121 and library instruction in E-206 and circulation in L-103. 


GOAL 1: Integrate information literacy instruction into acceleration programs and guided pathways initiatives.

  • Decrease in face2face in F2017-S2018. The Cuyamaca Library Instruction Program experienced notable decrease in face2face sessions taught doe to library flood disaster.. In Fall 2018, we were able to increase to 37 library sessions.

  • Embedded Librarian in F2017-S2018 in online Counseling 120 courses.. PLO results show students were able to complete library assignment that focused usage of library career resources. 

GOAL 2: Initiate Library-liaison program to promote student engagement.

GOAL 3: Investigate and evaluate new emerging library technologies for effective discovery of information

  • Added new databases in F2017-S2018
    The Library participates in the CCL consortium to acquire a number of new databases, which significantly added to the Library’s full-text content while keeping costs relatively low.  Added Current Biography and Groves Art Online. Library faculty have gathered and prioritized suggestions for additional databases for the collection.  
  • Refresh on Library website F 2017-S2018
    The Library website went thruugh a thorough redesigned website to provide all students with a better organized and more user-friendly access point from which to begin research

‚ÄčGOAL 4. Integrate library collections into academic programs and pathway initiatives

  • Aggressive weeding print periodical collection.F2017-S2018
    The print periodical collection was extensively weeded in 2017-2018 based on low usage and curriculum changes.  The weeding of the print collection was accompanied by a growth in online resources.

Goal 5: Improve library spaces that allow students to study and research.
Goal 6: Improve library services to help lower the cost of attending college.
Goal 7: Improve library personnel professional skills and department communications


C-219 - The Library Living Room:  Study area for students. This space used to house computers but after the flood the computers were too old to put back in the room.  We would like to turn this into a "wireless / mobile device" space where students can bring their laptops, cell phones, etc. and plug in to study. We would like the electrical polls removed from the center of the room.  We would also like the old blinds removed and have them replaced with shades similar to what is in C-145. 

We have submitted our Program Review for 2018-2022 on Spring 2018. We are exempt from Annual Update.

We have submitted our Annual Update 2016-2017 on Spring 2018

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