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Cuyamaca Library: Mission & Program Review


PLO 2: The student will demonstrate ability to analyze search results from  the appropriate information retrieval tools (i.e library catalog or the online databases). 
You may view PLO results in  Tracdat  

How does this PLO support Library Goal 1?
     Library goal #1: Information Literacy Program. Provide innovative library instruction to strengthen student information literacy skills. Accomplishment of this goal will result in information literate students who can determine the extent of information needed, access information effectively, critically evaluate information sources.

What are the expected outcomes?     
Students will demonstrate this PLO 2 skill in instruction programs developed and delivered by faculty librarians.​​Students will demonstrate the ability to search the library catalog and/ or licensed databases to find specific information, with at least 75% accuracy.

What Method of Assessment (MoA) will be used to assess this PLO?
     MoA will vary depending on the following delivery methods of library instruction:
1. Library instruction survey or pre/post test or worksheet will be given to all students who attend a 1-2 hour library instruction session. 
2. Reference Instruction survey after after a reference desk interview with librarian.

How will you assess how well this goal was achieved (performance indicators)?
1. Library instruction: Students in targeted courses (TBA) who attend 1-2 hour library instruction sessions will demonstrate ability to demonstrate skills of selecting relevant sources.
2. Reference Instruction. Students will demonstrate the ability to select relevant sources after a librarian-led reference desk interview..

You may view PLO results in  Tracdat  

PLO 2 assessment

This is an assessment of PLO 1 reported in the Annual Update 2019-2020. Annual Update to be submitted on Feb 10,  2020.

This is an assessment of PLO 1 reported in the Annual Update 2018-2019. Annual Update ;submitted on Feb 10,  2019.

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